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Dear Friends,

What comes to mind when you think of Madame CJ Walker? I’m curious because Madame Walker means different things to different people. What she means to the hundreds of youth we serve through our youth empowerment programming is hope. Through Project Pride and Kamp Kuumba, they learn that their life is not limited by their socioeconomic status, gender, or race. For the women who find the confidence and information they need to take a step toward self-sufficiency through our entrepreneurship programs, she inspires hope. For the domestic violence survivors who watched Savion Glover perform Maria’s Voice this past October, she brings to mind yet again…hope.

Hope is that very powerful unseen force that motivates us to do extraordinary things even in the worst of circumstances. Through cultural arts and education, the Madame Walker Theatre Center’s programs instill hope in the thousands of people who walk through our doors regardless of their walk of life.

Won’t you join us in spreading hope across our city, our state, and our nation? Your donation to the Madame Walker Theatre Center helps us preserve and advance the legacy of Madame Walker – a woman who during the worst of circumstances for women and minorities became our nation’s first self-made millionaire. We advance her legacy through providing a season filled with cultural arts, entertainment, education, and empowerment. These programs of course are not without cost. Your tax-deductible donation will help us underwrite the cost of programming so that we can continue to impart hope in youth.

Photo by Anna Zimmerman
Photo by Anna Zimmerman
The Madame Walker Theatre Center exists to advance the legacy of our namesake through art, entertainment, cultural education, youth empowerment, entrepreneurship and civic engagement.